Monday, June 15, 2015

The Ultimate Warped Tour Survival Guide


It's that time of year again: the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and Warped Tour kicks off in a few days. Alternative music's longest, biggest, and hottest music festival is back, and it's guaranteed to be one of the best days of your summer - provided you don't pass out, wear jeans and long sleeves, or forget your ticket. To ensure that Warped Tour rocks your summer, here's a guide to help you make it your best day ever.


Warped Tour 2013 by Brittany Lee
  • Buy tickets early for the best deal. I got mine in November for $25. However, it's okay to wait till the last minute if you're cool with paying more, because Warped usually never sells out.
  • Figure out who's going with you. My advice is to go with one or two people who plan to see the same bands as you, because otherwise it's a lot of compromise and you could waste time arguing over which bands to see. Either plan out the bands you're going to see beforehand or go alone and plan to meet people there to see different bands. 
  • Think about signing up for a TEI workshop. If you have a passion for music, why not learn from the people you admire? I signed up for two of these this year and I'm pretty sure I won't regret it!
  • Pack your bag. Here's a list of the basics that you'll need, but you can bring more (just don't bring too much stuff, you'll be carrying it around all day!)
    • Put a water bottle in the freezer (either bring an unopened water bottle or an empty reusable one, they have stations where you can fill it up)
    • A sling bag or a small backpack
    • Your ticket
    • Venue directions
    • Fully charged phone or a disposable camera
    • Money for merch, a set list, and food (bring a couple twenties and some ones)
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen 
    • Chapstick
    • A pen 
    • Hair ties if you have long hair
    • A poncho/rain jacket if you think it's going to rain
    • A sack lunch or snack
  • Set out your outfit. I know you want to look super awesome for when you meet your favorite band member, but comfort comes before beauty in this case. Wear close toed shoes and double knot the laces, don't wear jewelry, wear shorts and a tank top/t-shirt, pull your hair back if it's long, and try to wear minimal makeup. You can wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes because they have a slip-n-side! Warped Tour always seems to end up being the hottest day of the summer, so prepare to sweat a lot and dress accordingly!
  • Go to bed early and start drinking lots of water. Hydrating beforehand works, and you'll need it because you have a very long and hot day in front of you!
  • Eat a healthy and substantial breakfast. You've gotta get fueled up for a long day of moshing!
  • Apply lots of sunscreen. Yes, ten hours in the sun WILL give you a sunburn.
  • Leave on time so you're there when the gates open.
Warped Tour 2013
  • Buy a setlist. This is where your one dollar bills come in handy. Set lists are two dollars and, well, you kinda need one to find out when everyone is playing.
  • Try to see at least one artist you don't know. Some of the bands I've seen at Warped Tour have been the bands I end up seeing three times that year. After all, finding awesome new music is what Warped Tour's all about!
  • Drink a lot of water and reapply your sunscreen!!
  • Don't get caught up on meeting bands. In my opinion, seeing the band play is way better than meeting them. It's totally cool to meet a couple bands, but if you spend all your time waiting in signing lines, you're gonna miss all the music!
  • Make new friends! Warped Tour is a place where everyone's a misfit, so you'll be appreciated for all your weirdness. 
You're ready to have a blast at Warped Tour this summer! Party hard but don't forget to chill out and take a breath sometimes. Make the most out of this amazing thing we have called Warped Tour: it's misfit summer camp for us as much as it is for the bands.

For more info, check out the Warped Tour website