About the Bloggers

Rachel, 21 - Maryland, USA 
I am currently a student at the University of Maryland, pursuing a degree in communication on the public relations track. I love social media and writing and have always been fascinated by the music scene's various cultures. This blog's goal is to provide updates, information and reviews regarding the punk/rock/hardcore music scene.

Favorite band: Of Mice and Men

Marielou, 15 - Flemish Brabant, Belgium.
I am an highschool student in Leuven, Belgium, currently following a scientific study, but I'd love to do something a bit more creative in the future. I follow a digital art/photography course during the weekends, so I'll hopefully be able to add some of my own photographs to the articles I write.
I love writing and I am glad to combine my passion for both writing and music.
I'll mostly be covering the hardcore/metalcore bands.

Favorite band: Twenty One Pilots

Liv, 16 - Chicago, USA
I am very passionate about music and competitive cheer. I play bassoon, piano, clarinet, guitar, and I sing. I also love to write and I aspire to be a music journalist (or I'd love any job that allows me to tour with musicians). I plan to study journalism, music, and/or communications at college in California because my family and I are moving to San Francisco this summer.

Favorite band: blink-182

Rebecca, 16 - Chicago, USA
I am a gymnast and I also enjoy making music. I play clarinet, alto saxophone, and guitar. I have always enjoyed writing and I am excited to write about bands and current events in the scene!

Favorite band: State Champs