Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Song: "The Divine Zero" by Pierce the Veil

On June 19th, Pierce the Veil released their newest song, "The Divine Zero," through Fearless Records. This single is the band's first release since 2013, which is hopefully a preview of the sound present on their album coming later this year.

"The Divine Zero," which has a sound similar to many of the band's other songs, discusses how one can feel during "desperate times and desperate measures" and dealing with emotional pain while in love. It is fast-paced and energetic during much of the song, but still gives listeners a dark vibe because of its lyrics and chords, especially closer to the end of the song.

To sum things up, I think "The Divine Zero" is an excellent, carefully crafted song. If you are going to see Pierce the Veil at Warped Tour this summer, hopefully you will get to see them perform this song live. If you would like to purchase the song, one place to do so is on iTunes.