Sunday, May 3, 2015

Website Review: The Infinite Jukebox

"For when your favorite song just isn't long enough." - The Infinite Jukebox
By Marielou Obdeijn
We all have those songs we can listen to on repeat forever without getting bored of them, but don't you feel sad hearing the end of the song? Luckily, there is a website to remedy this.

The site is called “The Infinite Jukebox” and it’s basically heaven. Why? You can listen to the same song for however long you want without ever having it end. All you have to do is upload a song, search for it using the search function, or try the ‘recent’, ‘most played’, and ‘most uploaded’ charts to chose a song. The site will then analyze the song in order to find matching parts in the song and connects these parts with a ‘path’. It will then let you know when it's done and you just have to press play. That’s all.

Midnight City by M83
With The Infinite Jukebox, you'll be able to listen to the same song hypothetically forever, and the only way to stop the song from playing is ending it manually by clicking stop. My record now is almost four hours before switching to another song.
The only downside is that it will stop playing if you open another tab, but it works perfectly if you open it in a new window.
I hope this is helpful for you, let me know what you think of it!