Sunday, May 3, 2015

Leaked Twenty One Pilots Song: "Lane Boy"

By Marielou Obdeijn

Josh & Tyler
A Twenty One Pilots song - set to be on their unreleased album "Blurryface" - called "Lane Boy" was leaked earlier today.
The song sounds, again, different than anything we’ve heard from the band before, and definitely creates confusion about the new album. With the songs, the blurryface character and twitter, and now a blog posting lyrics from "Lane Boy" and possible new songs, all the Twenty One Pilots fans are asking themselves what the heck is up with this band. All we know for sure now is that the discussion around the band will keep the fans and bystanders on the edge of their seat until we know more.

A full song review of this song will come when the band have officially released the song. For now, some accounts/blogs you should check if you want to know more about what’s going on are Blurryfacetheories, ivegottwofaces, the Twenty One Pilots twitter(s), instagram and the tags on tumblr.