Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Bring Me The Horizon Live Video: "House Of Wolves"

On May 15 we were hit with a new live video of the British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon. The video, filmed during the song "House Of Wolves" at Wembley Arena which comes from their latest album "Sempiternal", will be featured on a live DVD of the band's entire Wembley show, out July 24

This video is an example of why you should try your hardest to go to a Bring Me show at least once in your life. Lead singer Oliver Sykes shows, once again, how capable he is of making a whole room full of people jump and go crazy while his bandmates support every note he sings with music that makes you want to scream every word back. 

The video starts with a small intro from Sykes, asking the crowd to make at least four circle pits, after which he almost roars “Are you f------ deaf, show us a f------ circle pit” when they don't obey him immediately. This seemed to be the signal for the song the start, as only a few moments after Sykes pronounced these words the band burst into song, showing us exactly what we had missed. 

The band's performance left me with only one word in my mind: outstanding. Watching this video alone makes me want to start a mosh pit in my room, so I can only imagine how it will be to watch the entire show.

You can catch the band at Reading & Leeds Festival (UK) and pre-order the live DVD here.