Monday, June 1, 2015

Bandoms: Why can't we all just get along?

First of all, take the idea that there is even such a thing as a "good" or "bad" fan, and throw it out the window. The notion that anyone has to join such a vicious time-and-money-consuming competition is absolutely absurd. You like the music? Congratulations, you're a fan.

Every band has a fanbase or "fandom", which in the tumblr sphere of the music scene, is cleverly referred to as "bandom." While we cannot escape the inevitable random formation, we can abide by some guidelines to make sure everyone gets along. Here is a list of helpful tips for surviving the bandom:
  • As mentioned before, there is no competition when it comes to "biggest fans." 
  • Don't hate on band members' significant others
  • Don't hate on people for listening to or not listening to leaked songs
  • Don't create drama where there isn't any- Rumors are the worst!
  • Don't put people down for not seeing a band live, etc. 
  • Let fan fiction writers do their thing (Just don't bring it up to the bands, okay?) 
  • Finding the bassist more attractive than the lead singer does not make you 'cool' or 'unique', and  (yet again) doesn't give you the right to put down people that like the lead singer. 
  • Also, so what if they're cute? Don't accuse people of only liking a band because of looks. Basically, just let people have their faves and don't question it.
  • Don't shame others for not knowing all the lyrics to every song. (Especially if you're a Fall Out Boy fan.)
Most importantly - just be nice to each other! The thing about a fanbase for a band, is that it is a bunch of different, diverse people coming together because they all love the same band and want to celebrate that. Bringing drama into the bandom just takes away from the fun. Let us all just appreciate the tunes and the amazing artists that produce them.