Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Twenty One Pilots' "Blurryface" Leaked

The moral debate of leaked music
by Marielou Obdeijn
by tuckerstosicartwork
We all could see it coming after "Lane Boy" leaked - the entire "Blurryface" album is now out on the internet. Nine days until the release date seemed to be too much of a wait for the person behind this, so on Saturday, May 10, the skeleton clique was split into two parts; the ones who listened to the leak and the ones who didn’t.
At the same time as the leak, the mysterious Twitter account @blurryface deleted all its tweets and changed its icon and header to a full black picture. However, this only happened after the account tweeted ‘NOWYOUCANFI ND IT. GOFIND IT’ in the usual manner of this account's tweets.
Whether it's a crazed fan, a genius marketing idea, or a rebellious act against the music industry, nobody knows exactly what is going on right now with the band.

I listened to the leak and most of my friends say they did too. However, many fans are now struggling with the ethics of listening to the leaked album. A lot of people, as I found out, think it is okay to listen to a leak if you’ve already preordered the album, or are planning to buy it after it comes out. Others seem to think that it is absolutely unacceptable to listen to it.
Whether you do it or not is your own decision. But you should keep in mind that it is hard for most musicians to make money in this economy. So, should you decide to listen to a leak, try to support the artist in other ways. If you liked it then buy the album, go to shows, buy merch, or do what you can do to make sure the artist in question can continue making the music you love.  

We will not provide a link to where you can listen to the leak, but it is highly accessible should you decide to listen to it.
A full review of "Blurryface" will come when the album is officially out, you can preorder it here, go to their site here, find more blurryface theories here, and please tell us about your opinion on listening to leaks!