Friday, April 3, 2015

Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens World Tour

My thoughts on the best night of my life By Marielou Obdeijn

My first hardcore concert was “ Pierce The Veil + Sleeping With Sirens World Tour ” on Mar.20, 2015. To be there after having admired both bands for over a year seemed surreal. To finally see, or better meet them in real life was like a dream coming true, and it certainly felt like that.
Pierce The Veil @ Trix, Antwerp

I had been lucky enough to get my hands on some VIP tickets, which included a meet and greet with both bands. They were really nice, and seemed to enjoy the gifts my friend and I had bought them earlier that day. We got to hug the band members and even got the opportunity to talk to them and learned that Jaime, bassist for Pierce The Veil, had the nickname ‘unicorn’ in high school.
And then came the show itself. They were amazing, to say the least. If you have never been to a hardcore/metalcore concert you might think it would be too loud, and you'll leave with a headache, right? I know that's what I thought before that night.

But, to my surprise, it was the complete opposite. The bands were just loud enough to make you forget anything but that moment, although not loud enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and cover your ears. They interacted just enough with the crowd, having us jump and start mosh-pits, while screaming the lyrics and encouraging us to do the same.

Sleeping With Sirens @ Trix, Antwerp
I was standing almost right at the center in front of the stage, and while all the jumping was nice, it could get a bit tiring sometimes, meaning that on more than one occasion I stopped moving and laid my arms on the barricade in front of me for a moment. Vic Fuentes, singer for Pierce The Veil, wouldn’t have any of that though. Every time he saw that I was resting, or not jumping, he made a motion with his hand for me to start again, seeming satisfied every time I listened.

And, it wouldn’t be an Sleeping With Sirens show without having lead singer Kellin Quinn give a speech about being who you want to be, not harming yourself and not giving a damn about what other people have to say. After which he promptly decided to do a cover of The Fugees “Killing Me Softly”. This of course made the crowd go crazy, and if you look hard enough on the internet you might find a clip of Kellin singing it while the crowd is screaming and singing along with him.

Overall, as you might have concluded from how I described the night, it was awesome! I am definitely planning on going the next time one of the bands are playing near me. What about you? Ever seen these bands live? Or got the chance to meet them? Please let me know what you thought of them!