Sunday, April 12, 2015

News: All Time Low's "Future Hearts" Hits No. 1 in the UK


About an hour ago today, Hopeless Records released a statement which named All Time Low's "Future Hearts" the label's (and the band's) first album to reach #1 in the UK.

"Future Hearts" has been the talk of the alternative music scene since it's April 7 release, earning critical praise and fan support. All Time Low will begin a U.S. tour in support of the album, fittingly named the "Future Hearts Tour", on April 15.

You can read what the ecstatic members of All Time Low had to say about their achievement below:

"Overwhelmed. In shock. Disbelief. Feels incredible!! Thank you, you amazing UK fans, for showing up and getting us this no. 1!!!"  -@AlexAllTimeLow

"NUMBER ONE ALBUM IN THE UK. BEYYYYAWWWW. you did this" -@JackAllTimeLow

"Officially #1 record in the UK. I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you to every single fan, and everyone in our camp who made this possible." -@riandawson

"Thank you guys so much! Much love " -@zackalltimelow

If you haven't already, you can buy "Future Hearts" here.

UPDATE: April 14, 2014 - "Future Hearts" is the #1 best selling album in the U.S.