Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bands to Watch: We Are Forever

About the Punk-Pop quartet from Indiana and why they deserve your attention

Ever since I first opened a Facebook account, one of the features I’ve always taken advantage of is being able to “like” a band or artist’s page. And, as many who do the same know, likes on well-known bands’ pages usually result in messages from people trying to promote their undiscovered bands.
Most of the time, the bands that message me are mediocre at best, and I never remember their names. With Indianapolis pop punk group We Are Forever, that is not the case.
I think I received a message via Facebook from each member of the band back in 2012 and decided to actually give them a listen because their determination and passion for what they do was clear.
Let it be known that I do not regret my decision! We Are Forever is a talented group with catchy tunes and superb vocals from front man Aren David. Other members include Ricky Ayala (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Ayala (Drums), and Alex Nauth (Guitar/Vocals).
If you like catchy pop-punk music, then this band is definitely worth your time! My personal favorites include “Take My Hand” and their recent cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”.
They are up for Warped Tour’s Battle of the Bands this year, so go check them out and listen to their songs to increase their ratings if you want to see them this summer!

Follow the band on Twitter: @weareforeverr