Monday, April 27, 2015

Album Review: As It Is' "Never Happy, Ever After"

What a catch, Fearless Records. With the help of quasi-famous YouTuber Patty Walters as their frontman, As It Is had huge potential and a built-in fan base from the beginning. The band definitely came out swinging with a summer soundtrack of upbeat pop-punk anthems and sizzling hooks.

"Never Happy, Ever After" gives an extra shot of adrenaline to the modern emo-tinged pop punk scene. Although their sound isn't necessarily original, these Brits add another layer to pop punk, incorporating a Man Overboard-esque vocal duet dynamic with catchy choruses perfect for radio.

The album is a reflection of this generation, the sound bright with youthfulness despite an edge of sadness in the lyrics. "Dial Tones" and "Cheap Shots & Setbacks" stand out with anthemic choruses and a general get-up-and-dance sound. "My Oceans Were Lakes" is mostly an acoustic ballad, Walters' vocals almost whispered at times. It provides a positive message and showcases a different, gentler side of the band.

This successful debut means it only gets better from here for As It Is. Although they are still finding their sound, this band has proven that they are talented, hardworking and don't have any intentions of stopping until they reach the top.

You can (and definitely should) catch As It Is on Vans Warped Tour this summer. Check out "Never Happy, Ever After" here!